How it works

H2O Coin Charity Platform

How it works?


We are building the framework platform for true Democratic and transparent fund raising for charities and causes using the Blockchain technologies with our own Water H2O Coin and DAPPs (Decentralised Applications) on Tron Blockchain to bring real-time accountability and transparency that can be traced any time to find out of what happened with your funds.


On our WATER H2O Charity Website, we are using a different logic than the other Funding Projects. We have 2 types of users, and Funders


For Founders

Create a project, start raising funds and get donations in crypto.

For Funders

Use our platform and H2O Water Coin to easily donate to a  project or cause.



All donations are withheld in each projects' own wallet account till the Founders request Withdrawal and Funders release the deposited donations depending on the progress updates of the project and track on the Tron Blockchain any time.